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October 22, 2020

Discover the Greatest Experiences!

Winter picnic in Chilean Argentinian Andean Mountain


We can get to know one another – not through a phone or a laptop – but by truly having the opportunity to pick up and go. To immerse ourselves in the lives of others. Bridging the world together is the gift of our era. The journeys that we are presented with while traveling can be some of the greatest lessons of life. Experiences the can not be replicated by a smartphone or a laptop. They require you to navigate yourself beyond your normal comfort zone, beyond what you know and believe to be true, to develop into a noticeably new version of yourself. A version skillfully crafted by exploring new surroundings. A version that grows with each new person who you meet. A traveler has limitless opportunities to learn and to discover.

Here are some amazing life lessons that I’ve learnt while traveling:

You can go farther than you think

We live in a time where traveling is easier than ever. Having the ability to find affordable tickets and accommodations is what makes it all possible. Some prefer full rooms or houses, for others bunks are just fine. Camping can be a great solution depending on where you are going and on the weather. If you search well you can find beautiful and very well priced – or even free! – camping sites all around.

Where ever you go, make sure you snooze in comfort.

Friends bring a lot the table

While traveling the world, it’s best not to feel isolated. That’s not the way to have a good time. Language and cultural barriers aren’t always so easy to get past. Searching for new friendships is essential for fun. They will keep your mind in a good place and you will discover a lot more with your time. Push yourself to seek out and talk to new people. Traveling has introduced me to some of the best friends I have.

Kindness can get you far

I’ve been fed and housed by complete strangers. I’ve navigated through countries without speaking a word of the language. I think these adventures help you feel a true connection that we all share as humans. The kindness of strangers is what allowed me to travel in a time in my life where I couldn’t even afford a cheap bedroom to rent or a hostel for the night. There is this false belief that you have to have a lot of money to travel the world. Some think that travel has to be some luxurious experience. Grasp onto that belief and you could really miss out…

What a time to be alive!

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One thought on “Discover the Greatest Experiences!

  • John
    on January 12, 2021

    For my first time traveling with Snoozn, booked an airplane ticket to Tulum from Miami, unfortunately the airline company had changed departure times, I immediately received information from Snoozn team and I was impressed by their fast and efficient customer service.
    Thank you so much for your tips and help, I had such an amazing travel.


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